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Cognitive-Behavioural, Relapse Prevention Model Group Program

This model focuses on:

  • Changing the offender’s behaviour by changing distorted thinking. Sex offenders used distorted thinking to help them justify their behaviour.  They minimize the harm to their victim and rationalize their offending.
  • Preventing relapse by helping the offender avoid high-risk situations. Just as an alcoholic should avoid bars, a sex offender should avoid situations that offer access to potential victims.
  • This treatment philosophy is based on the belief that sexual deviancy is a pattern of behaivour that can be controlled, not cured.
  • Clients learn tools to control their sexual deviancy and prevent reoffending.

Treatment Goals

  1. Treatment is designed to help the client.
  2. Gain control over deviant sexual urges and behaviour.
  3. Accept full responsibility for sexual offending and its consequences.
  4. Recognize thinking errors and be able to correct them.
  5. Identify offense cycle and interrupt the cycle when high-risk behaviours begin.
  6. Development of empathy skills.
  7. Express thoughts and feelings in a healthy manner.
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